Welcome to Brand New Thinking
If you haven't got time to read the whole site, here's a snapshot of how we can help.

In a sentence:
We want to help you win more business by working with you to develop and exploit your brand.

In a few sentences:
You want to improve your marketing.
You're not quite sure how to use your brand to do it, but know that it's vital.
You want objective, independent advice from people who are approachable and fun to work with.
You want them to have a great deal of experience (and references to prove it) but no pre-conceived ideas.
You want them to use marketing concepts with reference to numbers and your business plan.
You want your business to grow, and are willing to change things to make it happen.

We're here to listen, chat and help. We've done it before and have some flattering stories from clients of all shapes and sizes (like Citigroup, Virgin, ISG Webb and Richmond Events).
We don't like marketing for the fun of it. We're fixated on the bottom line and how we can channel our efforts to improve yours.

Who chooses us?
Most of our clients come from two areas in which we specialise:

1. Financial services for the wealthy. With a collective 50 years plus in stock-broking, investment management and private banking, our team specialises in market research, brand development and position and the creation and execution of marketing strategies.

2. Small to medium sized enterprises. Once your business reaches a size where you know further growth requires marketing, how do you go about it? Recruiting the right people is rarely an option because of the cost. Brand New Thinking can provide a team that will formulate a marketing strategy to deliver the growth you need and can then be available to help make it happen.

This site is intended simply to encourage you to give us a call. If you'd like to know more just contact us whenever it suits you.

We hope you enjoy your visit.